A New Welding Table: Turns Out Steel Is Expensive!

I decided recently to make new welding table based on a Miller project since my welding table was just a 24” x 36” top made of ¼” steel plate set on top of a simple box made of tubing. The Miller example project calls for a 4’ x 6’ top of 3/8” steel. It is on casters and offers a nice plasma grate on one end with a plasma chute underneath to contain the debris. There is even a nice drawer to empty the debris once you do a lot of cutting.

Where Does Any Great Idea Start?

While I would love to claim a brilliant moment of insight that pushed me to this first post, in fact this is a quiet start. The start of what you say? Well that is the adventure itself, finding the path. This page is just to help me jot down my ideas in one place and have a platform to share any projects, most likely boring, that I create. I know I said great idea, but even small ideas can be great in time. Why set the bar too low?